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New Mexico Tech Offers Every SystemsGo New Mexico Senior a Scholarship

SystemsGo New Mexico and New Mexico Tech (ranked number one in physics and top one percent in mechanical engineering for best value by College Factual) teamed up to open the doors to educational opportunities for New Mexico High School students. New Mexico Tech announced that there is a scholarship available to every enrolled senior student in SystemsGo New Mexico.

SystemsGo New Mexico is the premier high school aero science program, in which students design and build rockets with the goal of carrying a one-pound payload to an altitude of one-mile or breaking the sound barrier while staying under 13,000 feet. SystemsGo New Mexico began four years ago with six high schools and nine rockets. This year, students from 15 schools will be launching nearly 40 rockets from our launch facility in Jal, NM. New Mexico Tech supported SystemsGo New Mexico from the beginning by providing technical support, volunteering at the launch pad, and reviewing flight profiles for second-year students. Beginning this spring, New Mexico Tech will be providing $1,000 scholarships to every senior enrolled in the program.

Together, SystemsGo New Mexico and New Mexico Tech are providing life-changing opportunities to students throughout New Mexico and building the high-tech STEM workforce New Mexico needs to be the leader in the aerospace industry.

For more information, please contact Naira Stearnes or David Willden. You may also call (575) 748-6100.